A variety of models of anti-theft doors

Anti-theft cnc door

IMG 37651 security door
IMG 37601 security door
IMG 37571 security door
IMG 37401 security door
IMG 38641 security door
درب ضد سرقت cnc
IMG 40341 security door
IMG 40191 security door

Prominent anti-theft door with PVC (PVC) cover

IMG 4538 security door
IMG 4540 security door
IMG 4567 security door
IMG 38311 security door

PVC coated anti-theft door (pvc)

درب ضد سرقت cnc روکش پی وی سی(pvc)
درب ضد سرقت cnc روکش پی وی سی(pvc)
IMG 4562 security door
درب ضد سرقت cnc روکش پی وی سی(pvc)
درب ضد سرقت cnc روکش پی وی سی(pvc)
درب ضد سرقت cnc روکش پی وی سی(pvc)
IMG 4562 security door
درب ضد سرقت cnc روکش پی وی سی(pvc)

Metal anti-theft door

IMG 8798 1 security door
IMG 4490 security door
IMG 8788 1 1 security door
IMG 8802 1 security door
IMG 8846 1 security door
IMG 8825 1 security door
IMG 8833 1 security door
IMG 8841 1 security door
IMG 8850 1 security door
IMG 8855 1 security door
IMG 8886 1 security door
IMG 8893 1 security door
IMG 8913 1 security door
IMG 38031 security door
IMG 37611 security door
IMG 38051 security door
IMG 38371 security door
IMG 38681 security door
IMG 38551 security door
IMG 38791 security door
IMG 38841 security door
IMG 39441 security door
IMG 41061 security door
IMG 41351 security door
IMG 41381 security door
IMG 41401 security door
IMG 41431 security door
IMG 41471 security door
IMG 41501 security door
IMG 41871 security door
IMG 41991 security door
IMG 42011 security door

Laminox anti-theft door

IMG 38151 security door
IMG 38181 security door
IMG 40201 security door
IMG 40221 security door
IMG 40251 security door
IMG 39851 security door
IMG 40271 security door
IMG 40801 security door

Luxury anti-theft door

IMG 4516 security door
IMG 4565 security door
IMG 4569 security door
IMG 4576 security door
IMG 4618 security door
IMG 4635 security door
IMG 4640 security door
IMG 4646 security door
IMG 4656 security door
IMG 4668 security door
IMG 4640 security door
IMG 4646 security door
IMG 4699 security door
IMG 4714 security door
IMG 4709 security door
IMG 4716 security door
IMG 4899 security door
IMG 4929 security door
IMG 37391 security door
IMG 37911 security door
IMG 37491 security door
IMG 37531 security door
IMG 38591 security door
IMG 39271 security door
IMG 38001 security door
IMG 39141 security door
IMG 38461 security door
IMG 39181 security door
IMG 39631 security door
IMG 40381 security door
IMG 40971 security door
IMG 41051 security door
IMG 41671 security door
IMG 41641 security door
IMG 41611 security door
IMG 41811 security door

Modern anti-theft door

Security Door

Due to its appearance and structure, the Security Door model is more durable and safe than ordinary doors. In the field of theft protection, in terms of overall structure, it has steel plates, locks and hinges of anti-theft doors with first-class materials compared to ordinary door models. The locks used on the anti-theft door are very strong, have high security and are impenetrable.

Anti-theft door can be equipped with different models of anti-theft locks. Each of these locks has a different level of security. The most important and safest components of locks and steel plates that are used in all these doors. Turkish anti-theft doors have a higher position in terms of quality, materials and price compared to Iranian and Chinese doors.

Quality and reasonable price have always been the main motto of Xivan Door. Zivan Door has always tried to make customer orientation a priority by producing all kinds of construction doors and delivery at the customer’s place. We can produce all kinds of anti-theft doors according to your taste and size.

Anti-theft doors are the most important factor in securing residential and commercial buildings. Anti-theft doors, as its name implies, have a strong metal frame and a variety of protective fittings to prevent problems during accidents and natural and human hazards.

Given that most people today make their purchases online and online, and part of our job is to sell all kinds of anti-theft doors online. As with all counterfeit products on the market, so is buying anti-theft doors online. But the site of Zhivan Door, an online sales representative and in-person representative of all kinds of anti-theft doors with reasonable prices and excellent quality throughout Iran, we are at your service, dear ones, to help you by selling the original and quality material.

Anti-theft door components

Security door; It consists of one or two layers of sheet metal, which is the main safety factor for this type of door. In addition to this plate, a metal structure is embedded inside the door. There are two coatings on the metal frame of the door, which are mainly made of wood. The shell is actually what we see on its surface. The gap between the anti-theft door cover and the metal plates is filled with insulation.

Hinges, locks and handles are other components.

These doors generally have two locks, one of which is called the grill lock and is installed on top of the door, and the other is the main lock. The best lock brands in the country are Turkish brands.

Features of anti-theft door
Inside the anti-theft door, a very strong metal plate is used that prevents any kind of outside entry and intrusion of thieves. They are designed to be used after installation.
Unlike conventional doors, this type of anti-theft door is not attached to the frame from one point, and using the lock and structure used in cabinets, anti-theft doors are attached to the frame from several separate points, and these features are special. Anti-theft doors.
Rubber tape is used to prevent dust as well as to prevent cold, heat and energy loss around the doors. These anti-theft doors also have sound insulation.
One of the most important features of these doors is ease of installation, because at the end of the manufacturing process, anti-theft doors are installed, which leads to minimal damage to the door.
The thickness of the iron used in the anti-theft door is more than one millimeter, which indicates the resistance of this type of door. The anti-theft door lock has 11 tabs that work in three different directions. These doors are locked.
Variety in their appearance and beauty, as well as various ready-made colors and different coatings of different materials and additional eyes and camera located in the door itself, which makes these doors different from wooden doors.
There is a big difference in price due to the materials used in it, as well as the delay in the breakdown of the door and its facilities and the variety of dimensions and thickness
Advantages of using anti-theft door compared to wooden door

1- Anti-theft door is very easy to install
2- An important and beautiful variety in the final product of anti-theft door
3- High resistance and high security of anti-theft door
4- Prices vary according to the type of prominence
5- Natural beech veneer and beech design
6- Sound and fire insulation
Possibility of installing smart anti-theft camera
8- Possibility of installing digital codes on the anti-theft door
9- They can install alarms
10- Standard dimensions of anti-theft door
11- Standard thicknesses of anti-theft door
12- Anti-theft doors are made of stainless steel
13- Very fast and easy access to all kinds of doors due to the large inventory available
14- Types of safety locks that are resistant to water and cold
15- Very reasonable price with all customer purchase conditions

Types of anti-theft doors

Anti-theft doors are divided according to the type of wood veneer (beech or walnut), the degree of protrusion of the door and the fittings used, and the internal metal connections of the anti-theft doors are the same in all models.

For example, some models with embossed CNC are less expensive than embossed anti-theft doors. Walnut veneer anti-theft doors are more expensive than beech veneer anti-theft doors. Some doors have brass or steel fittings that can affect the price of anti-theft doors.

Anti-theft door brands
Iranian anti-theft door
Chinese anti-theft door
Crack anti-theft door
Anti-theft door lock and increased security

The most important part of anti-theft doors is the lock, the locks provide security and depending on the structure that prevents the burglar from entering the apartment, the locks can break after a while and cause many problems.

In the event of such problems, the anti-theft door repairman can replace the anti-theft door lock.

Repair work can replace a broken lock. To open and replace the anti-theft lock, special keys, screwdrivers and other accessories are used, which include a complete toolbox, and it should be noted that the anti-theft door locks are of high quality.

Kaleh anti-theft lock has the best lock available in the market and all the necessary parameters. This lock is produced and imported in Turkey. An important part of the brain lock is that to change the lock brain, parts such as the nightstand and the rosette bowl must be unlocked and the hollows removed.

Types of anti-theft door locks
Key anti-theft lock
Smart anti-theft lock
Anti-theft door frames and its types

The anti-theft door frames include a horizontal beam at the entrance and a horizontal beam at the floor, and the vertical beams on both sides of the frame together form the threshold of the door.

The shape of the door does not matter, if its size is non-standard, first of all, you should remember that your anti-theft door should be placed inside the frame and installed, but it should be noted that you should pay attention to this point, including durability and The resistance of the door will be, given that the question of non-standard door is also important. It includes a metal frame and a wooden frame.

Replacement of old door with anti-theft door

In this method, the anti-theft door frame is welded to the old metal frame, and using wooden facades and behind the door, the old metal frame is completely hidden under the work. This method is mostly used for houses whose door width is more than 95 cm, and a standard opening is useful after installing the anti-theft door.

Delivery time of anti-theft door

Custom manufacturing of anti-theft doors takes about 10 to 15 days. Anti-theft door installation takes less than two hours.

Important points in buying anti-theft doors

The most important thing you should always do before buying any product is to get information about that product. In fact, the purchase must be done with full awareness so that we can choose the product we want with the best quality and the most appropriate price.

Framework material
the cover
Frame thickness
Sheets and hardware used in doors
Gender hinge
Locks and fasteners
Layer material
Fits the climate of the region
Optimal quality of handles
Anti-acid anti-theft door lock
Zivan door anti-theft door

jiwan anti-theft door has been tested and stabbed, so keep your important documents and loved ones safe. Xivan has started its activity with the latest facilities and tools in the world and using the best and most specialized interior designers. We have always done our best to satisfy our dear customers.

. By launching its online store, Zhivan Door has been able to provide you with the conditions to buy anti-theft doors. By buying anti-theft doors online from our online store, you can easily access your desired product without any problems.

To ensure the accuracy of the information provided about our collection company, you can do your shopping safely by checking a few items when shopping online:

You can pay through WhatsApp or with full coordination and card by card by saving the tracking number
You can check the comments of customers who have already purchased from the site in the comments section to be sure of the seller’s claim.
Be sure to check the terms of the warranty and after-sales service
Read the terms of sending anti-theft doors so that you do not have any problems after buying the product
You can check the electronic trust symbols of the site that our company has a valid trust symbol that you can safely buy from us.

Factors affecting the price of anti-theft doors

MDF is used, wood is an important factor in price, color, quality and production method

Disadvantages and advantages of buying anti-theft doors online

Online shopping has become very popular among internet users today, many people are looking for amazing shopping options and online stores have appeared for such people.

Disadvantages of buying anti-theft doors online One of the problems we face in buying anti-theft doors online is the lack of physical interaction and inability of customers to touch the materials and procedures of anti-theft doors before purchase, which is one of the problems due to its virtual nature. It is.

from Internet. As you know, shopping takes a long time, so it can be very tedious and worse, the products you want may not be available in the market you want, and online stores have solved this problem for buyers. You do not need to spend a lot of energy when shopping online!

Iranian anti-theft door

Today, Iranian anti-theft doors have become doors that cover more than 90% of the market, but it is good to know that anti-theft doors are now so advanced that they can work with large companies producing anti-theft doors. To compete.

You can order anti-theft doors in different sizes, but it is not possible for external anti-theft doors because anti-theft doors come in standard sizes. Of course, I must say that anti-theft doors are very reasonably priced. They have because they do not have customs fees and goods clearance.

What is the difference between the price of anti-theft doors and other doors?

There is a big price difference between ordinary doors and anti-theft doors, but this price difference has several important reasons that we owe you valuable advice to spend a little more to make your home, company or workplace safer. It will be to your advantage.
Items that cause a significant price difference between anti-theft doors and ordinary doors:

Made of first-class material for the door surface

First-class steels are used for the hinges
Many more locks have been used in different parts of the door.
It has fire-retardant and anti-shock properties of anti-theft door.
First class locks are used for anti-theft doors.
Special and resistant colors are used for the door surface

With all the points, do not worry about the high price, because the safety of your doors is very important to us, Xivan Dor collection has special discounts for dear buyers, contact our consultants for purchase and more information.

Anti-theft door Digi Kala

Digi Kala Company is an extensive store where all kinds of products can be found on this site, but it does not have as much variety of models. Zhivan Door Company is a specialized store in the field of selling all kinds of anti-theft doors, etc., which is more flexible in terms of selling anti-theft doors than the Digi Kala site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anti-theft Doors

Do anti-theft doors prevent people from entering?

Do anti-theft doors prevent people from entering? Anti-theft doors are made of a different and complex structure and are impact resistant.

What buildings need anti-theft doors?

All residential buildings need anti-theft doors with a secure structure and anti-theft locks to increase home security.

What is the structure of an anti-theft wooden door?

The inner core of the luxury anti-theft doors is made of 1.25 mm thick steel plate and its surface is covered with natural wood and MDF. Steel plates play the most important role in strengthening the door.

Is the anti-theft door frame resistant to delam?

The door frame is made of metal and is welded to the door frame using iron parts behind the frame so that it is not damaged by the door pressure.

What is an HDF door?

HDF stands for high density fiberboard. HDF doors are used in homes and offices.

Can an anti-theft door be chosen as a villa door?

Iranian Turkish anti-theft door has a wooden cover and is not suitable for open spaces, but Chinese anti-theft door with metal cover is used for open spaces.

What are the dimensions of an anti-theft door?

Chinese anti-theft door: 105 * 210

Turkish anti-theft door: imported to Iran, length 205 to 215 and width 110 to 115

Iranian anti-theft door: Made to order

What is the guide to buying an anti-theft door?

The approximate weight of an anti-theft door should not be less than 95 to 120 kg. Never sacrifice the appearance of the door for its safety, the front door is the first German that a buyer or guest comes across, the first visual impact always plays the most important role in creating a beautiful image of your home.

Contact jiwan Door for more detailed instructions.

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